Which Is Your Favorite Plastic Surgery Or Cosmetic One

Nowadays discussing plastic or cosmetic surgeries is something normal. What are plastic surgeries and what is used? The same question goes for cosmetic surgeries. Since you are asking for plastic surgeries and cosmetic ones then you are not alone. Both the surgeries have to do and deal with the patient’s body and how can they improve it. For each patient, there is a different philosophy, different types of training or exercises, and goals of the course. Let’s jump immediately and explain the two types of surgeries and then you will decide which is your favorite and fits most on you.

  1. Plastic Surgeries: What are plastic surgeries and for what are they used mostly? Usually, plastic surgeries are used and focused more on repairing defects that anyone can have, and of course, reconstructing a normal and regular function it is very important to get information that why people make and allow these kinds of operations.

    Having plastic surgery to reconstruct a defect due to birth disorders is a good thing as long as it is a concern for your health and your body. Here are some types of plastic surgeries: (Breast Reconstruction, Burn Repair Surgery, Hand Surgery, Scar Revision Surgery, and Lower Extremity Reconstruction). If you really need and feel that surgery might change something that is good for your health then feel free and do it but always from professionals.

  2. Cosmetic Surgeries: Just like plastic surgery cosmetic surgeries have almost the same goals and practice but when it comes to the training and certification process for a board-certified cosmetic surgeon will look so much different from that of a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Board Certified: What is board certified? Knowledge, experience, and of course the training are the most required specifics that you have to fulfill in order to become part of board-certified. This means that not every physician can become board-certified if they don’t have the qualities that we mentioned earlier. So if you are interested to collaborate with a physician you must search for them and show interest mostly in (residency and post-residency) it is very important. This will prove how successful they have been during their career.

Influence That Social Media Has In Our Life

Social media without a doubt has such a big impact and influence on our lives. For some people, the impact of social media has its benefits and it’s such a positive impact but for some others, there is not. It depends on how you link up yourself with social media and how much you allow social media to interfere with your life.

Based on this we have seen that people are getting a lot more stress and side effects while waiting for an answer but when there is not the answer that they were waiting for their mood changes so quickly and the reaction that you receive is not such a nice thing to see. But what is more important and dangerous for sure is addiction.

One of the biggest problems that the society that we live in has. Are we powerful and how can we fight against this? Well, technology has advanced a lot and at this point, we have to allow whether we must allow this or that. Overstaying on the phone for many hours straight is very addictive and becomes more and more. Young and new parents don’t have experience on how to raise a child and they don’t want to face the consequences for example talking to children or learning them on how to act with family or friends, they decide to give their phone and let him watch whatever they want.

This is risky because at that young age he can see some things that need explanation and things that they have to see when they group up. Parents may be happy and calm but this is a serious problem because this is not the solution. There is another side that without social media some models or people would not have been where they are today. Many people earn a good amount of money and secure their living and why not as a profession.

One of the biggest problems that the society that we live in has. Are we powerful and how can we fight against this? Well, technology has advanced a lot and at this point, we have to allow whether we must allow this or that. Overstaying on the phone for many hours straight is very addictive and becomes more and more. Young and new parents don’t have experience on how to raise a child and they don’t want to face the consequences for example talking to children or learning them on how to act with family or friends, they decide to give their phone and let him watch whatever they want.

This is risky because at that young age he can see some things that need explanation and things that they have to see when they group up. Parents may be happy and calm but this is a serious problem because this is not the solution. There is another side that without social media some models or people would not have been where they are today. Many people earn a good amount of money and secure their living and why not as a profession.

How to Submit Your Modeling Resume

To become a model you need to send your photos to every agency you wish to work with. Basically speaking there are four ways of sending your portfolio to local or international modeling agencies. The best possible ways are social media although this is more based on luck, email, or mails, your agent sends them for you or your previous agency can send them.

Having an experienced agent that works for you or you previously worked for a professional modeling agency will always work on your best approach. However, doing it yourself means you have to do it properly and professionally. Scouts or modeling agencies pay a lot of attention to the way you present your photos. It could be a big turn off if your portfolio fails to deliver that first impression vibe.

If you send your portfolio in a bad way it can make modeling agencies understand the lack of attention on details. As we all know in the modeling industry it’s quite important to pay high attention to every single detail. Here are some things you should keep in mind before submitting your photos to any scout or modeling agency.

Check How the Agency Wants Your Photos

Before you decide to submit your photos it’s crucial you understand how the modeling agencies want their photos. By this, I mean that some agencies only accept emails while other mail, etc. It’s essential that you follow their policies and demonstrate how attention you’re paying. It goes without saying that your photos may even get deleted if they are sent in a way that’s not welcomed in the agency you’re applying for. If you don’t follow their policy means you’re unable to follow simple directions.

Check If That Agency Wants Your Type

Before submitting your photos you need to make sure that the agency accepts or needs your type of model. For example, let’s say you’re a plus-size model but the agency only has an opening for a slim type. We suggest you don’t send your photos at all because this will waste your time and their time as well. You can also enter in their blacklist and develop a reputation for being un-attentive within the industry.

Photo Size Matters

You may already know this but whenever you send photos by email you need to make sure they are not too large. The larger the photos the longer they take to download and that’s translated in before your photos are reviewed. Sending links or zip files will not work since everyone in the industry doesn’t open files or click links due to security reasons.

Address Each Agency Individually

Make sure you take your time while writing emails or letters. You need to write to each one of them individually since nobody likes to think they aren’t the first choice. Make sure you tailor your information by taking into consideration the company you want to apply for. Take your time while writing them and make sure your emails are ready to impress them.

Be Professional

Remember that modeling agencies are usually looking for a girl that brings the whole package. Everyone knows that to become a successful model takes more than just good looks. Your behavior should be professional in every aspect of your job. We know that the more professional you act the more exposure and likely to get fired you are.

How To Start Modeling In Asia

As we all know Asia has become an important modeling market besides Europe And the USA. Asia is now really important modeling marked now thanks to Tokyo, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, and other Asian markets. Those places are considered to be the main places where new models can look to develop their skills and build a strong character for their careers.

Once a model has successfully worked in Asia they are known as professional models. This helps them increase their chances of getting signed to other major markets in the world. Being a successful model in Asia will make it easier for you to get contracts in New York, Milan, Paris, London, and other major modeling markets around the world.

Types of Asian Models

As any modeling market in the world, modeling agencies in Asia look for different types of models. What’s special about agencies in Asia is that they look for models who are shorter than models who work for the USA or European markets. They love to represent any female model despite their age or body type. Most contracts are related to commercial models so would be nice if this was your modeling category.

As previously said the female models in Asia can be shorter than US or European ones. The height can start from 5′ 6″. It goes without saying that it’s possible for models to be even shorter than that and still manage to land a modeling job in Asia.

Agencies on Asia focus on the entire package when they decide to hire models and not just their height. They look at the way a model presents its products, skin, hair, teeth, and education, or personality.

Perfect Market For New Models

In Asia, most of the modeling agencies or clients don’t require any previous modeling experience. It’s not a requirement however, experience it’s never a bad thing and every little bit helps. It’s crucial for you to understand how modeling works. You should know how photo shooting sets work with photographers and stylists. We recommend you take some tests before you try to sign up for a job in the Asian market.

Travel Expenses

Almost every agency in Asia will offer to advance your traveling expenses such as airline tickets or accommodation costs. They are willing to advance your website fees or shopping fees. They do this in order to help you get started in the industry and once you get enough money to cover your expenses you can start paying the agency back. Goes without saying that if you don’t earn enough money to pay them back the agency itself will absorb the deficit and you won’t be asked to pay everything you own from your pocket.

In Asia, agencies are also able to offer you a Guarantee. This is a set amount of money that a model will earn no matter if she’s able to earn that amount of not. A mainstream model Guarantee in the US or Europe can Reach over $150,000. Signing with modeling agencies in Asia will get you exposure to other markets of the world as well. Many companies or modeling agencies see the Asian market as an example to follow.

The Asian market is way different from other modeling markets and that is proven in many ways. One of the reason it’s because the Asian market is busy all year round. This means you could get more contracts in Asian than anywhere else in the world. To make up for that some modeling agencies could allow you to travel with your parents in cases where this is your first time traveling or you’re under 18. It’s very common for Asian modeling agencies to cover travel expenses for you and your parents.

How to become a parts model

There is a modeling category that doesn’t require your face but only your body parts. This sort of modeling it’s called a parts model and they are used across a wide spectrum of commercials.

Those models are here to prove that sometimes all it takes to become a model it’s amazing body features. Those features will open many doors in your modeling career. Part models are always on huge demand from companies who want to advertise their products and need perfect legs, hands, feet, or any other body part that can potentially advertise their product. This is the perfect category for people who cannot become runway models or fashion icons but still love to be part of the amazing modeling industry.

Parts Modeling it’s Always in Demand

Hands feet and legs are always to most requested body ports as you may already assume. However, there are companies that look for charming eyes, beautiful teeth, seductive lips, healthy hair, etc. If you have a feature that you think that’s attractive then you could probably become a parts model.

Don’t get discouraged by the fact you cannot become a model in runways. All you need to have is beautiful hands and you can make them work for the camera. However, you still need to know how to hold your hands while showing your product in order for them to look as beautiful as they can. Sometimes you even need to hold them still for hours until the commercial finishes shooting.

Even though it’s part modeling you still need to take great care to protect the parts you use for the camera. For example, you always need to wash your hands, never do housework, or even cooking, to say the least. Most parts model wear gloves at any activity they do.

The most wanted parts model

Besides having great assets on all of your body there are some parts that are more demanding than the rest of your body. Hands: Hand models should have perfect hands. Model girls should be able to have long and slender hands with straight fingers and uniform nails. Skin tone it’s also required according to your clients. They should be able to fit pieces of jewelry easily or any other accessories.

Foots: Models should be able to have an average shoe size and have slender feet. Straight toes and attractive ankles are a must-have and your feet should not have any blemishes of any kind.

Leg: Female legs should be long and slender free of any blemishes or varicose veins. Keep in mind that you should wax them constantly and keep them well moisturized. Your legs should be attractive and not muscular in great shape.

How Much Do Parts Models Earn

According to previous parts models they can earn up to $1,000 and even more depending on the commercial they’re shooting or the company they’re working for. In the USA a Parts Model Can make up to $80,000 a year and that’s more than enough to make a living out of parts modeling only. You could make even more depending on the market you’re working for. Those numbers should make you consider applying in any parts modeling agencies. So if you have an attractive body feature don’t hesitate to apply.

How To Become A Parts Model

Same way as any other type of modeling it’s essential that you gain exposure through the modeling industry. It’s mandatory for you to have your own modeling agent and a manager. It’s best for your career if you can find scouts or agents that have a wide network of connections and are experienced enough to guide you through. All it takes it’s your decision to become one.

How Does Art Modeling Fits In The Industry

There are many modeling categories you probably haven’t heard of and one of them its art modeling. The industry itself is evolving every day and more and more categories are being added. That’s why before you decide you want to become a model you need to know exactly what type of model you wish to become. There are tons of choices such as fitness models, fashion icons, or live art modeling. Their choices are unlimited and in the end, it’s all up to your personal likings to choose a career path. Here are some of the good and bad sides of being an art model in today’s world.

Understanding Art Modeling

Art models are girls who pose for people that have an interest in drawing or painting human forms. They can pose before an art class or for single artists. Those girls are crucial for any artist who wants to perfect the skills of drawing human portraits or bodies. Art modeling it’s perfect for young aspiring models who want to step their foot into the modeling world. As a job art modeling is way more comfortable and easy compared to other categories such as runway models or fashion models.

Goes without saying that there are some factors that can prohibit you from becoming an art model. One of the major turns off it’s the people who don’t feel comfortable with their body or have problems with being at the center of attention for long periods of time. However, that can also help you gain that confidence and appreciation for your body. You can boost your self-esteem and that’s the thing you need to step into larger categories later on your career.

However, even art modeling has a catch. And that catch is whether you want to expose the most of your body or not. It’s up to you how much you want to expose your body and you can always turn down contracts that don’t make you feel comfortable. Even if you don’t accept those contracts that don’t make you feel comfortable you can always work as an art model. At the end of the day, you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Benefits Of Art Modeling

To your convenience the biggest perk of being an art model it’s the requirement needed. To cut it short you don’t need any specific body type or age differently from other modeling categories. Art modeling is perfect for young girls who aspire to become models in their near future. Art modeling it’s the perfect chance for you to gain self-confidence or get your connections with the modeling industry. Even the payment is statisfactionary and can cover most expenses in your modeling career. They are paid around $90 per hour depending on the sort of commercial you’re working on or on the type of company that hired you. Even the shooting hours could be great for you. A shooting lasts around three hours and after that is done you can focus on other things whether that’s regarding your career or personal matters. While shooting on set you need to pose for 5-15minutes and you can always take your breaks when needed.

Getting Job Contracts

The first step is to find what category you can fit in the modeling industry. Once you make up your mind you should start hunting for jobs. One of the best ways is to search for your local art classes and see if they seek a live model for their drawings and paintings. You can always ask people who work as an artist whether they or their friends need a model. Once you find a client keep asking them questions such as whether going nude is required or not. Payment questions should be your main topic or even how long is the shooting going to last or what sort of poses you need to do. It’s up to your personal judgment to realize whether you want to accept it or not.

What Should You Know About Fitness Modeling

Fitness modeling is the new trend of these past years and is becoming more and more popular. Except for the fact that it helps you to keep your body in shape and of course healthy also you can see it as a profession. So if you’re searching for it and you don’t know how it works then welcome and here are some tips on how you can become a fitness model. These are some steps that are released recently and let’s hope it will serve on your own good.


  1. Appearance: A lot of people are interested in fitness modeling but they don’t know properly were to show their skills, new steps, and their program. To be discovered is a very important step because you need to pull attention and if you are capable to explain with details and step by step on how you gained all that sharpened body day by day. There are a lot of opportunities on how to get discovered but we can suggest you some of the most effective ways to get you in advance.
  2. One of them is contacting with models agency which is easy but there are some things such as payment, you own them some credits, etc. but you can discuss this with your arrangement if you agree. Another important and more influential thing is to compete in bikini competitions or such as bodybuilding shows. In this way, you can easily get discovered by the large number of people that are watching it but also there are agents from modeling agencies which might be interested in you, in this case, you are lucky.The most important one is to be discovered in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. Instagram is the most influential social network that has to do more with fitness modeling and has the largest amount of followers on fitness models. You can post regularly your daily routine of training and also the program of eating and sleeping. With a small amount of payment you can promote your account in order to be discovered by a lot of people and why not you will gain a large number of followers that will serve for your benefit in the future. 

The intensity of Hardworking: If you are interested in becoming a fitness model then it’s not that easy. Many people can aim for it and desire it but not all can become successful. Why does this happen? In order to become a successful fitness model, you will need a very structured and strict routine which can prevent you from some of the most delicious foods, hanging out with friends on late night and also from fast foods (desserts, chocolates) that are forbidden for this kind of hobby or profession, you can call it on how you feel more comfortable or how you see it. Once you join a model agency or you can start it by yourself in a professional way then the really hard work begins.

That’s because you gained a large number of people and you are responsible somehow for your actions that might happen in the future. Some people may think that the hardest thing to do is photo-sessions but in fact, they are wrong. What is the hardest thing to do is practicing, training, and keeping the regime(eating, sleeping, and resting a little) properly. You need to get up early in the morning to start your day and preparing something to eat (proteins and milk) which is something soft, then some of your exercises, for example, having a walk or running which helps you to move all the muscles of your body and gaining more and more resistance, after this, you come back for a shower. Then you have to go to the gym a couple of hours after to do the specific exercises because each day has different exercises etc. There is a problem (for girls), you need to stay without makeup most of the time because the body and the face need to be hydrated and for some girls might be a problem if they can’t stay without makeup.

  1. What Are The Challenges Of Being A Fitness Model? : Well at this point there are a couple of challenges for you in order to compete somehow with other models and to raise your standards on this kind of profession.
  • Camera Angle: You have to film carefully and clean all the steps by the most interesting angles as much as you can.
  • Willingness: During this time you will be connected with a lot of people and for sure you will get a lot of propositions for work. You have to be all the time on-call or by replying to messages. In order to do that you will have such a strong will.

Wanna Be A Model Like The Professional Ones? Here Are Some Tips!

Searching on how to be a model like professional ones? Seems legit to us. But having all these dreams where you see yourself aside from the best models in the world and watching yourself collaborating with them on a catwalk need such hard work and a long road ahead.

So to be honest we have a little sincere and little talk. And who wouldn’t love to work aside from those supermodels and collaborating with the most influential and powerful brands and fashion houses of the globe? But in order to achieve all these things you have to take it to step by step which means, first of all, you need to ask about the critters that a model should have before joining a fashion house or signing up with a modeling agency.

You have to take honest advice from professional agents and experts from this industry. Then what you have to do is that you must expose yourself that agents or scouts can link up to you since they are all the time in search of new models. It may last a little bit long but in the end, someone will come up for an assignment. After this, you need to do specific research for a modeling agency (for a real one) and to get informed on how it works and what you will do exactly. Get simple photos while you are exposing yourself on social networks not exaggerated ones because they have to see the natural beauty on you, not the makeup on you and this is very important that you have to respect it in a strict way. Makeup that you are going to wear must be a light tone makeup, a light blush, and things like that in order to not show your face as original and natural when you will have a meeting with agents.

Switching modeling agencies

Having years of work in the same modeling agency may come to an end because of the end of your contract with the agency or a bad relationship, but switching the agency is never too late you need to have a good reason or a better opportunity. Exploring other options is better for your career experience and you will have the attention you need. Read below for what you need to know before switching the agency.

Opportunity for a better agency

Switching for a better agency, means they have better agents and clients which will help you with your career and they have better terms and better pay in signing you. Always research for the agency before signing you need to be sure for the next step. There always will be better opportunities for models who like to work which are good looking, good dressed and love modeling.

You are not supported or the company is not excited about you

Why you are no longer feel comfortable with the agency? What if they are not pushing your career and no longer booking your job after job. This happened because the business might be slow but also they are not interested in giving you new jobs. This makes you think that is time to do something for your future and your career because your plans with the agency are not as they told you. When the agency gives you work but they are not excited about giving you that work you will feel not comfortable and will think about switching the agency because the money it’s not everything you are searching for.


No models want to work with an agency that has a bad reputation like losing clients or models or they are not professional. Losing models or client happens but you need to have a good reason for that, the agency which is famous for losing models and clients will never be good for a new model. The agency that is not professional and not correct with the work or the payments also are not a good choice for models.

Professional relationship with your agent

Who is your agent? The agent needs to be always honest with you the communication is the key to a good professional relationship, if the agent is avoiding you and you are not feeling comfortable with the work it’s time to move on. Not every time you have to be in touch with your agent like being friends and having a good time after work the professional relationship is the most important for the models they have to be correct and never underestimate you as a model.

Wrong reasons for a change

You and the agency are in a good relationship and everything it’s going well, but you feel like it’s time for a change and you need to try something bigger and better. The right reason to leave may become wrong if you are changing the agency because you feel upset and tired. If you have attended and good jobs in the actual agency but you feel that’s time for a better one does not mean you will have the same attention in the new agency bigger it’s not always better, you have to think twice before you make the decision. They’re always with be problems with models and their agencies but instead of destroying these relationships try to find a solution for your problems with a little hard work the situation can be changeable.

Feeling comfortable for a switch

Other opinions are good for your career, everyone can help you to get the right decision agents or even other models can give you good advice for your switch. Don’t ruin your chances you have to be sure before you make the decisions of leaving the agency or choosing the new agency.
A good opinion will fast help you choose but you also will have bad opinions so don’t make them choose for you to wait for the right time to make the decision. The bridges you will create will help you in your career so it’s important to leave your old relationships on the best terms possible be always grateful for what they gave to you and your career.

Most used Modeling Contracts

Of course, getting involved in this industry and having that x-factor you will get a lot of requests. As soon as an agent contacts you what are the next steps that you need to do when you get a proposition from a modeling agency or from a modeling agent?

What is important for you to know is the contract. All you need to do is to make sure that this modeling agency in real and operates by the law. Then you are going to ask for contracts, this will give you insurance and you will be protected from the further moves in the future if they will attend to disturb you or trying to ruin the collaboration. Not all the agencies have the same contract that fits all of the models but there is a base of variety that we will see later. But what is a contract and how it works? It will be explained by the detail on how contracts are and what you need to do and how to act while signing a contract. Let’s get into it.

Well, each of these agencies has its own guidelines and rules of course but there are some similarities that you can find between these agencies as well. In order to recognize these things you have to sign a lot of contracts but we make sure that you are going to feel a little bit lost, but meanwhile, it will serve as an experience and for your own good. Let’s jump into the types of contracts. These are the most important and popular types of contracts in the industry. Take a look and read in detail on how these contracts work.

  1. Mother Agency Contracts: Probably every model has experienced a contract with mother agency contracts. Because these are types of agencies that operate In small markets and are like a bridge between models and larger agencies and more influential ones. Signing a contract with this kind of agency is a little bit confusing for every model because it’s the first assignment that you have done in your first steps. Usually, these agencies can be near the place where models are currently living. You have to be careful when you sign it because there is something important that has to make with the percentage that company will take from finding jobs and projects for you. Usually, they take 20% of the amount that the other company is going to pay. Being honest 10% of the amount that is given will take the mother company that found your job and the other 10% will take the agent that made it possible. This is how it works in general with Mother Agencies. NOTE: Please when you sign a contract with mother companies make sure to see the duration of the contract because in some cases there has been a duration during their lifetime career and that can damage you a lot.
  2. Non- exclusive Contract: For us, this is one of the best agencies in the market. Just because like the other agencies that take their commission which is 20% of the amount because they have found the job what is more important is that these kinds of agencies will let you work on your own and get a project aside. Being said that even though they are not that influential and not as much power but we are sure that every single model that has worked with them is happy because you got the freedom. And we have to say that freedom in this kind of industry costs a lot and it’s not worth it.


  1. Exclusive Contracts: At this point signing an exclusive contract requires a strong temperament. That’s because you are going to be represented only by the company you have signed for. There is no freedom but as soon as another project is about to get finalized, the company will clarify the situation and how it will go, without that you are not going to sign or make a project without their permission.
  2. One- Time – Only Contracts: These kinds of contracts for us are one of the worthiest contracts in the market and are being signed often by the models. Why does this happen? Besides the fact that in the contract is explained all the plan and how the payment and fee will work, as soon as the project starts or finishes they allow you to collaborate with other companies. They got their own restrictions but still, you got that freedom. This helps the model not to sign a full contract that lasts for a long time but what is most important is that they strike always for big projects which means fast money.

It doesn’t matter what kind of contract you sign. As long as you are feeling comfortable and love what you do then everything is okay.