Wanna Be A Model Like The Professional Ones? Here Are Some Tips!

Searching on how to be a model like professional ones? Seems legit to us. But having all these dreams where you see yourself aside from the best models in the world and watching yourself collaborating with them on a catwalk need such hard work and a long road ahead.

So to be honest we have a little sincere and little talk. And who wouldn’t love to work aside from those supermodels and collaborating with the most influential and powerful brands and fashion houses of the globe? But in order to achieve all these things you have to take it to step by step which means, first of all, you need to ask about the critters that a model should have before joining a fashion house or signing up with a modeling agency.

You have to take honest advice from professional agents and experts from this industry. Then what you have to do is that you must expose yourself that agents or scouts can link up to you since they are all the time in search of new models. It may last a little bit long but in the end, someone will come up for an assignment. After this, you need to do specific research for a modeling agency (for a real one) and to get informed on how it works and what you will do exactly. Get simple photos while you are exposing yourself on social networks not exaggerated ones because they have to see the natural beauty on you, not the makeup on you and this is very important that you have to respect it in a strict way. Makeup that you are going to wear must be a light tone makeup, a light blush, and things like that in order to not show your face as original and natural when you will have a meeting with agents.

Modeling Conventions

If you have decided to be a model and that’s what you are looking forward to doing in the future modeling conventions can be a great way to aspire to new models. Starting your career as a model you will need advice on how this industry works and what will you do as soon as you become a part of this large business. You may become a model just because one of the agents finds something attractive on you and thinks that you are going to pull attention and why not being a successful one even though you have never thought about that. The other part is that it can be a passion for you, which means you are looking forward to becoming a model.

But what are modeling conventions and how do they work? For questions like these and more, here are some tips and advice that you need to follow in order to determine your thoughts. Read them carefully and why not to apply in the future. But what are some of the most specific things that modeling conventions do? First of all, you will gain a lot of exposure as soon as you take part in these kinds of conventions. Then what is more important than this is that you will get discovered and modeling agents or agencies will show interest in you.

Something that is a little bit embarrassing if we can call so is that usually conventions are being held in large and influential cities that an industry like this is very extended and for some reason, not everybody can afford to take part. It will serve as an eye-opening for models and they will get advice from some of the most powerful professionals and the best professionals in this industry. Overall this is a lot of fun for all the models.


  1. Modeling convention: What really happens at a Modeling convention? Not all the Modeling conventions are the same, of course, they change from each other but of course, there is a schedule which includes some things or points like seminars, speakers, or even workshops. At this point, they learn tricks, advice, and tips based on professional judgment.


  1. Competitions: After taking lessons and advice from all the professionals you immediately jump in the next step which is a lot of fun and you can prove yourself on some things that might never have the chance to try before. It’s the competition. But there is not only one, but there are also a few competitions that you will take part in and learn how to walk, what to do while you are taking that walk. You will try different brands and swimsuits, there will be a lot of variety but even though you will compete even at fashion prints.


  1. Meetings: Greeting agents and some of the most inspiring and aspiring models in the world that have such a big influence in this industry doesn’t mean that you can’t meet them personally. And that’s why Modeling Conventions are about, to give a chance models to meet their idol or to meet professional agents and influencers by themselves. This helps you relief and to get advice, tips from the biggest names on the industry. And why not this is the moment you have been waiting for and give it a shot and impress them.


  1. Interest: As soon as you take part in these kinds of Modeling conventions, immediately they will require some of your information data. It will include your phone number, your e-mail, or even your social media. What is important for you the most are the call-backs. Depends on your performance that you did on that kind of convention as we said earlier it will pull attention and the callbacks are the interest that these professional agents show. But this can’t happen for everyone. Some will get just a callback and some will have a few. At this point, you will receive what you wanted but from the other side, you will see the dark side of these conventions.
  2. Outgoings or Costs: Of course in order to attend these kinds of conventions you have to spend money from your pocket and there are some variations on payments. It’s better for you to find a modeling convention that is nor cheap nor expensive, basically something normal that you can afford and why not to attend another one later on.

How to Step In Modeling World as a Fit Model

Everyone has heard of fit models and let’s be honest with that. But what is it a fit model and how can u become one of them? In the first look it might seem like an easy job to do that everyone can do that but in fact is totally the opposite, for sure it’s more complicated and contains more things to do than you might think. We tried to come up with a detailed explanation of how to become a fitness model and what are some tips that everyone must follow depending on how determined you are. In order to do this please read carefully all the steps.

What’s a Fit Model? : In general, a fit model is called a model who tries on clothing and representing these clothes for house of fashions or fashion designers directly. It seems that it’s an easy job but you are wrong. Fashion designers take clothes and check them one by one and drape of the fabric as it looks like the overall appearance. They are the most valuable models for fashion designers because they are the perfect size that the main product (clothes and brands) that are produced have a standard size, height, arm, leg and bust – waist – hip and of course other requirements that are being asked from the executive chefs.

Categories (Types): If you are wondering that there is only one type of fit model that got the same seizure and length then you are totally wrong. There is for sure a variety, being said there are plenty of categories and types for all these fit models that include: (men, women, and children). Let’s mention some of them: junior, junior plus, missy, misses, urban, big, tall petite, petite plus, etc.

Why Fit Models Are Useful? : Just like the other models fit models have their own importance and place in this powerful industry. But what why so popular and appreciated by fashion designers? When fashion designers bring their new brand of clothes and not only they ask for fit models in order to wear and try the new brand on. But it’s not over. When fit models try new clothes on from the new brand fashion designers want to create a standard size in the market in order to make most of the consumers familiar. They also can hire other models for their bigger sizes or small ones but it’s not worth it for them because they have to pay more money and also spend much more time in the work-room. Also if they create a brand with high fashion models then they know that most of the costumes can barely fit on model clothes.

Requirements: In comparison with other models, fit models are some kind of special ones in their own way. What is required to become a fitness model? What are some characteristics that make these models so special? First of all fit models must have a symmetrical and balanced body also they must have a well-proportioned body. A fit model except for the body must have such a clearly verbalize in order to correct the fit issues that might happen from the fabric and serves as a regulator in this case but his expression must be crystal clear. You must be careful while giving accurate feedback and overall helpful one, at this point fit models becomes very useful for giving this kind of feedback to designer and help increasing company sales and improving their creativity. What is important in this case is that they are able to decrease the return rates which costs a lot of valuable time for the company.

Fit Model Starter Pack: Being a fit model is a little bit hard because you have to be in perfect shape, size, and height. As soon as you are okay with these then things become easier and more interesting. Often a fit model can become a primary job because you can earn a good amount of money that helps you to afford your living. Besides this, you have to be known from people of this field who are fit agents that are always in search of these kinds of models and if you are a lucky one then give your best shot.

How To Handle Modeling Rejections

Modeling is not always easy based on your thoughts or expectations and when the moment of approval comes and you have been rejected at some point you have a deal with it having fault or not. In addition, plenty of modeling agencies receive thousands of requests every day with a large amount of diversity. Are they happy with that fact or achievement? Not always, because there comes a time when they see models, not like a human being that has values even from the appearance or even from the character but they see it as a human being that they can profit from them.

We all have heard plenty of cases that agents or people with higher standings that can easily tease the applicants in this case models that really need a job because they found it as a way of living. But in this case, it becomes molestation for a certain grouping and people be very disappointed about it and there are a lot of cases when they quitted. In this example, we are here to prevent something like that and spread the word how to deal with rejections and move on no matter how the application went. You should always move forward because after a storm the sun rises again.


  1. Do Not Take Rejection As A Personal Thing: Being rejected from an agency or from 2 agents doesn’t mean that the world crushed on your head. Not always agents are capable and they deserve that post just because he is in that position. There are plenty of agents like this that do not absolutely fit the criteria of this industry. The friendship that they have with the owners of the agency doesn’t mean they are capable to judge properly what fits perfectly for their company and who doesn’t. We are humans and we make mistakes and of course, they are tolerable as far as we don’t get hurt by their responses or asking for favors in order to hire that kind of job. We heard a lot of cases that people who don’t fit the standards properly, later they have become models with great influence and successful career. Notice these words and they will prove totally the opposite that these ‘fake agents’ who ask a favor for these jobs reject just because you don’t please them but you are really interested in that job.
  2. Choose wisely your Agency: In order to choose wisely and to know which the best agency is for you, you have to ask friends or your connections that allow you to take information on what condition the agency is. First of all, you have to ask and make sure that the agency has to be on AMA. That’s because they are very strict with payment and they proceed by the law. They give you jobs depends on requests, the payment will be don’t according to their procedures which is a hundred percent sure. And the most important thing is that you are going to be protected by the law and have your own right to complain about every disturbance or miss correctness.
  3. Outfit: When it comes to outfitting make sure that you will have your own style and dress to impress. Outfit beside the structure of body and the shape of face is the second best thing a model must-have. For several reasons, some of the models have become popular by their style and the way they dress but it doesn’t have to do with the rejection that you will receive if you are unique in your own style and being special isn’t a criterion that agents may say to you. Embrace yourself, keep dressing the way that makes you happy, and what looks better on you and you will see that somewhere you will create an impact for an agency or an agent that is searching for these little pieces of diamonds in this whole industry.
  4. Light: Having photo sessions with heavy light sometimes your skin becomes shadowy and it doesn’t represent your beauty properly. If you want an honest suggestion for us is better for you to use natural light. It shows perfectly your beauty and doesn’t charge your skin or the whole photo.

Be A Professional Model

Modeling is one of the most decent jobs or passions for most of the girls. It has no gap or abounds according to age but there are certain things that it takes to become a professional model. What are some of the criteria that this kind of profession or passion?

Being Determined: As we all know all the girls receive compliments or quotes every day regarding their appearance and this is a stroke that most of them take it and somehow decide what are they going to do with it. There are a lot of companies that are in this business for a long time but as soon as you decide you must take it seriously first of all.

That happens because u don’t have to troll with your body and character since you are gifted. There are two big sorts of talents that you have. One of them is performing that makes you a catwalk model and the other one is being a model for covers of magazines or projects that companies are interested in. You
must decide which one of these two types fits most on you.


  • Real and Successful Agencies: Meanwhile you are beautiful, talented, and conscious about this even though these are your first steps what is important is that you don’t have to ruin or let the other profit from it. Immediately you must focus and search for it and ask people who are somehow connected with these kinds of agencies. Real agencies will have a well-structured website, they time by time will put advertisers on social media and people must talk about them not all the time but once in a while, you must hear of it. They are friendly if you meet them and you will receive a heartwarming welcome. The fake ones, don’t put advertisers on social media and of course a fake website with a few things just for appearance. So you must be careful about what you search and what company is willing for your talent and beauty.

How Should Be The Length And Weight Of A Model

In this great industry, there are a lot of categories of models that every young model that aspires to be a successful and professional one. But what it really requires to be a model and what characteristics need a model to fulfill the critters of a proper model? Having a body approximately as a model is definitely luck and for the rest of things there it takes a company to lead you to a perfect model body. There are an average and standard height and weight for a certain group of models. If you are not aware of height and weight you must show interest and definitely you must ask modeling agencies how this work and asking for general information in order to be informed properly. Just don’t hesitate because in the future it may cause a lot of problems to form the miss information. There is a graphic for some models which are immediately and most required from modeling agencies. Watch them carefully and you will understand on what group of models you belong to.

1. Model Gender: There is a huge gap between the two genders in the modeling industry. Females dominate over the males with a scary percentage of 95% to 5%. But lately, the male models are becoming popular and soon they are going to break this huge gap

2. Model Weight: There are some statistics from a famous modeling magazine that says that 20 years ago the average fashion model weighed 7% less than the average women. But if we can relate it to nowadays and make a comparison today she weighs 22%less. Nowadays the average of a model weight is 167 pounds.

3. Model Height: One of the most questions asked frequently is “Am I tall enough” and similar questions like that. Of course, that is important as much as the weight because height is a big problem if you want to become a model. If you are overweight for example it’s not such a big thing because you can take diets and exercise and you can fix it. On the other part, height is a problem because you can’t do anything to change it. Today an average for a model height is that you have to be over 5’8 and higher but no less.