How to become a parts model

There is a modeling category that doesn’t require your face but only your body parts. This sort of modeling it’s called a parts model and they are used across a wide spectrum of commercials.

Those models are here to prove that sometimes all it takes to become a model it’s amazing body features. Those features will open many doors in your modeling career. Part models are always on huge demand from companies who want to advertise their products and need perfect legs, hands, feet, or any other body part that can potentially advertise their product. This is the perfect category for people who cannot become runway models or fashion icons but still love to be part of the amazing modeling industry.

Parts Modeling it’s Always in Demand

Hands feet and legs are always to most requested body ports as you may already assume. However, there are companies that look for charming eyes, beautiful teeth, seductive lips, healthy hair, etc. If you have a feature that you think that’s attractive then you could probably become a parts model.

Don’t get discouraged by the fact you cannot become a model in runways. All you need to have is beautiful hands and you can make them work for the camera. However, you still need to know how to hold your hands while showing your product in order for them to look as beautiful as they can. Sometimes you even need to hold them still for hours until the commercial finishes shooting.

Even though it’s part modeling you still need to take great care to protect the parts you use for the camera. For example, you always need to wash your hands, never do housework, or even cooking, to say the least. Most parts model wear gloves at any activity they do.

The most wanted parts model

Besides having great assets on all of your body there are some parts that are more demanding than the rest of your body. Hands: Hand models should have perfect hands. Model girls should be able to have long and slender hands with straight fingers and uniform nails. Skin tone it’s also required according to your clients. They should be able to fit pieces of jewelry easily or any other accessories.

Foots: Models should be able to have an average shoe size and have slender feet. Straight toes and attractive ankles are a must-have and your feet should not have any blemishes of any kind.

Leg: Female legs should be long and slender free of any blemishes or varicose veins. Keep in mind that you should wax them constantly and keep them well moisturized. Your legs should be attractive and not muscular in great shape.

How Much Do Parts Models Earn

According to previous parts models they can earn up to $1,000 and even more depending on the commercial they’re shooting or the company they’re working for. In the USA a Parts Model Can make up to $80,000 a year and that’s more than enough to make a living out of parts modeling only. You could make even more depending on the market you’re working for. Those numbers should make you consider applying in any parts modeling agencies. So if you have an attractive body feature don’t hesitate to apply.

How To Become A Parts Model

Same way as any other type of modeling it’s essential that you gain exposure through the modeling industry. It’s mandatory for you to have your own modeling agent and a manager. It’s best for your career if you can find scouts or agents that have a wide network of connections and are experienced enough to guide you through. All it takes it’s your decision to become one.

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