How To Start Modeling In Asia

As we all know Asia has become an important modeling market besides Europe And the USA. Asia is now really important modeling marked now thanks to Tokyo, Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong, and other Asian markets. Those places are considered to be the main places where new models can look to develop their skills and build a strong character for their careers.

Once a model has successfully worked in Asia they are known as professional models. This helps them increase their chances of getting signed to other major markets in the world. Being a successful model in Asia will make it easier for you to get contracts in New York, Milan, Paris, London, and other major modeling markets around the world.

Types of Asian Models

As any modeling market in the world, modeling agencies in Asia look for different types of models. What’s special about agencies in Asia is that they look for models who are shorter than models who work for the USA or European markets. They love to represent any female model despite their age or body type. Most contracts are related to commercial models so would be nice if this was your modeling category.

As previously said the female models in Asia can be shorter than US or European ones. The height can start from 5′ 6″. It goes without saying that it’s possible for models to be even shorter than that and still manage to land a modeling job in Asia.

Agencies on Asia focus on the entire package when they decide to hire models and not just their height. They look at the way a model presents its products, skin, hair, teeth, and education, or personality.

Perfect Market For New Models

In Asia, most of the modeling agencies or clients don’t require any previous modeling experience. It’s not a requirement however, experience it’s never a bad thing and every little bit helps. It’s crucial for you to understand how modeling works. You should know how photo shooting sets work with photographers and stylists. We recommend you take some tests before you try to sign up for a job in the Asian market.

Travel Expenses

Almost every agency in Asia will offer to advance your traveling expenses such as airline tickets or accommodation costs. They are willing to advance your website fees or shopping fees. They do this in order to help you get started in the industry and once you get enough money to cover your expenses you can start paying the agency back. Goes without saying that if you don’t earn enough money to pay them back the agency itself will absorb the deficit and you won’t be asked to pay everything you own from your pocket.

In Asia, agencies are also able to offer you a Guarantee. This is a set amount of money that a model will earn no matter if she’s able to earn that amount of not. A mainstream model Guarantee in the US or Europe can Reach over $150,000. Signing with modeling agencies in Asia will get you exposure to other markets of the world as well. Many companies or modeling agencies see the Asian market as an example to follow.

The Asian market is way different from other modeling markets and that is proven in many ways. One of the reason it’s because the Asian market is busy all year round. This means you could get more contracts in Asian than anywhere else in the world. To make up for that some modeling agencies could allow you to travel with your parents in cases where this is your first time traveling or you’re under 18. It’s very common for Asian modeling agencies to cover travel expenses for you and your parents.

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