How to Submit Your Modeling Resume

To become a model you need to send your photos to every agency you wish to work with. Basically speaking there are four ways of sending your portfolio to local or international modeling agencies. The best possible ways are social media although this is more based on luck, email, or mails, your agent sends them for you or your previous agency can send them.

Having an experienced agent that works for you or you previously worked for a professional modeling agency will always work on your best approach. However, doing it yourself means you have to do it properly and professionally. Scouts or modeling agencies pay a lot of attention to the way you present your photos. It could be a big turn off if your portfolio fails to deliver that first impression vibe.

If you send your portfolio in a bad way it can make modeling agencies understand the lack of attention on details. As we all know in the modeling industry it’s quite important to pay high attention to every single detail. Here are some things you should keep in mind before submitting your photos to any scout or modeling agency.

Check How the Agency Wants Your Photos

Before you decide to submit your photos it’s crucial you understand how the modeling agencies want their photos. By this, I mean that some agencies only accept emails while other mail, etc. It’s essential that you follow their policies and demonstrate how attention you’re paying. It goes without saying that your photos may even get deleted if they are sent in a way that’s not welcomed in the agency you’re applying for. If you don’t follow their policy means you’re unable to follow simple directions.

Check If That Agency Wants Your Type

Before submitting your photos you need to make sure that the agency accepts or needs your type of model. For example, let’s say you’re a plus-size model but the agency only has an opening for a slim type. We suggest you don’t send your photos at all because this will waste your time and their time as well. You can also enter in their blacklist and develop a reputation for being un-attentive within the industry.

Photo Size Matters

You may already know this but whenever you send photos by email you need to make sure they are not too large. The larger the photos the longer they take to download and that’s translated in before your photos are reviewed. Sending links or zip files will not work since everyone in the industry doesn’t open files or click links due to security reasons.

Address Each Agency Individually

Make sure you take your time while writing emails or letters. You need to write to each one of them individually since nobody likes to think they aren’t the first choice. Make sure you tailor your information by taking into consideration the company you want to apply for. Take your time while writing them and make sure your emails are ready to impress them.

Be Professional

Remember that modeling agencies are usually looking for a girl that brings the whole package. Everyone knows that to become a successful model takes more than just good looks. Your behavior should be professional in every aspect of your job. We know that the more professional you act the more exposure and likely to get fired you are.

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