Most used Modeling Contracts

Of course, getting involved in this industry and having that x-factor you will get a lot of requests. As soon as an agent contacts you what are the next steps that you need to do when you get a proposition from a modeling agency or from a modeling agent?

What is important for you to know is the contract. All you need to do is to make sure that this modeling agency in real and operates by the law. Then you are going to ask for contracts, this will give you insurance and you will be protected from the further moves in the future if they will attend to disturb you or trying to ruin the collaboration. Not all the agencies have the same contract that fits all of the models but there is a base of variety that we will see later. But what is a contract and how it works? It will be explained by the detail on how contracts are and what you need to do and how to act while signing a contract. Let’s get into it.

Well, each of these agencies has its own guidelines and rules of course but there are some similarities that you can find between these agencies as well. In order to recognize these things you have to sign a lot of contracts but we make sure that you are going to feel a little bit lost, but meanwhile, it will serve as an experience and for your own good. Let’s jump into the types of contracts. These are the most important and popular types of contracts in the industry. Take a look and read in detail on how these contracts work.

  1. Mother Agency Contracts: Probably every model has experienced a contract with mother agency contracts. Because these are types of agencies that operate In small markets and are like a bridge between models and larger agencies and more influential ones. Signing a contract with this kind of agency is a little bit confusing for every model because it’s the first assignment that you have done in your first steps. Usually, these agencies can be near the place where models are currently living. You have to be careful when you sign it because there is something important that has to make with the percentage that company will take from finding jobs and projects for you. Usually, they take 20% of the amount that the other company is going to pay. Being honest 10% of the amount that is given will take the mother company that found your job and the other 10% will take the agent that made it possible. This is how it works in general with Mother Agencies. NOTE: Please when you sign a contract with mother companies make sure to see the duration of the contract because in some cases there has been a duration during their lifetime career and that can damage you a lot.
  2. Non- exclusive Contract: For us, this is one of the best agencies in the market. Just because like the other agencies that take their commission which is 20% of the amount because they have found the job what is more important is that these kinds of agencies will let you work on your own and get a project aside. Being said that even though they are not that influential and not as much power but we are sure that every single model that has worked with them is happy because you got the freedom. And we have to say that freedom in this kind of industry costs a lot and it’s not worth it.


  1. Exclusive Contracts: At this point signing an exclusive contract requires a strong temperament. That’s because you are going to be represented only by the company you have signed for. There is no freedom but as soon as another project is about to get finalized, the company will clarify the situation and how it will go, without that you are not going to sign or make a project without their permission.
  2. One- Time – Only Contracts: These kinds of contracts for us are one of the worthiest contracts in the market and are being signed often by the models. Why does this happen? Besides the fact that in the contract is explained all the plan and how the payment and fee will work, as soon as the project starts or finishes they allow you to collaborate with other companies. They got their own restrictions but still, you got that freedom. This helps the model not to sign a full contract that lasts for a long time but what is most important is that they strike always for big projects which means fast money.

It doesn’t matter what kind of contract you sign. As long as you are feeling comfortable and love what you do then everything is okay.

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